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Welcome to the website of the European Cantors Association
Patrons: Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis; Cantor Naftali Herstik, Cantor Joseph Malovany

A Chag Kosher VeSameach Pesach To
All Our Cantors and Their Congregations

For Cantors reciting Krias Hatorah on 7th Day Pesach, a rendition is here

ECA is delighted to announce the
11th European Cantors Convention
in Prague

For professional and aspiring service leaders

Thursday 17 November 9.30am to
Sunday 20 November 5.30pm

Guest Teachers:
ECA Patron Cantor Naftali Herstik and Maestro Raymond Goldstein with the choir of the Tel Aviv Cantors Institute

With support from Cantor Beny Maissner, pianist composer David Ezra Okonşar and others

The 4-day intensive programme with the world’s outstanding teachers is devoted to the traditional modes and melodies of the synagogue in the Ashkenazi tradition and includes a tour of Jewish Prague

Study sessions, lectures and masterclasses focus on repertoire, technique, interpretation of text and congregational participation. The public can attend the Gala Concert on Saturday night and glorious cantorial and choral synagogue services in two of Prague’s most beautiful synagogues

Come and meet colleagues from all over Europe and further afield, to brush up/ refine/ improve/ develop your approaches/ broaden your horizons and increase your skills and contacts. A warm welcome awaits you from the Prague Jewish Community

Convention is organised and presented by the European Cantors Association Convenor and Conference Organiser, Alex Klein, Programme Coordinator, Hirsh Cashdan Prague Managers, Rabbi Michael Dushinsky, Mrs Alice Grünfeld-Veselá Convention is supported by the Jewish Music Institute SOAS University of London, by the Jewish Community of Prague and by individuals and trusts.

Go to the Convention Registration Page to book, with accommodation options

David Koussevitsky Nusach Book Now Available

The Toronto Council of Hazzanim has released a compillation of nusach - a few pieces all hand written by David Koussevitsky (1912 - 1985) and given to Eli Kirshblum in 1963-1964 when he studied privately with him.

If anyone wants a copy, please send $30 USD payable to the Toronto Council of Hazzanim, c/o Cantor Kirshblum, 37 Southbourne Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M3H 1A4, Canada.

Shabbat Shirah

Shabbat Shirah, the sedra of Beshallach when the Song of the Sea (Shirat Hayam) was sung as part of the Torah Reading this year on 23rd January. We invited synagogues to do something muscial and special for this event. Cantor Eric Moses of Toronto had different members from his choir sit with the kahal (congregation) scattered around the room and singing from the 'cheap seats'. 

Eric said: "I did it once before and it created a very nice atmosphere.  They identified themselves by the end when they came up on the bimah and sang the last part of Musaf with me." 

Exploring the Power of Bible Cantillation in the Vernacular

A new and exciting experimental avenue. More here.

Packed House At ECA's Pre-Rosh Hashonah Workshop

Over 35 people attended the ECA's pre-Rosh Hashonah in London workshop staged for Cantors and Synagogue Leaders.
Read Cantor Robert Brody's account here

You can view a short clip of the proceedings here

Academic Conference and Cantors Convention 2015

The exultant and poignant music of Jewish life and prayer rang out in Leeds for a week this summer at two prestigious events from 16th to 23rd June.

Read Reports here of the

International Conference on Jewish Liturgical Music
 (16th – 19th June)
the 10th Annual
European Cantors Convention (21st – 23rd June)

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We are looking for an editor for Cantors Banter. If you would like to help please contact Geraldine

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<<<-- Cantor A M Himelstein Sheet Music Compilation Now Available

DVDs now available to buy from the 6th Cantors Convention in 2011

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Shuls With A Cantor In The United Kingdom (please advise of any changes)

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ECA was officially launched on 2 July 2012 at the 7th Annual European Cantors' Convention Manchester UK 2 - 5 July 2012,
by Cantor Joseph Malovany of the 5th Avenue Synagogue New York.

Cantor Malovany is also Professor of Liturgical Music at Yeshiva University and co-Director of the Moscow Academy for Liturgical Music.

ECA is based on orthodox tradition and convention
but is open to all who are interested in the music of the synagogue and the role and art of the cantor.

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