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Welcome to the website of the European Cantors Association
Patrons: Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis; Cantor Naftali Herstik, Cantor Joseph Malovany

Booking still open for the
12th European Cantors Convention

Under the auspices of H.E. Mr. Daniel Meron, Ambassador of The State of Israel to The Czech Republic 

Our Prague Convention later this month is getting ever closer.

http://www.cantors.eu/11th%20Convention%20In%20Session.jpgCantor Naftali Herstik,
Chief Cantor Emeritus of the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem and programme Director Hirsh Cashdan have devised a stunning few days of study and sharing, combining the old with the new for the High Holydays.

Naftali’s topics include 7 ways to sing Ata Nigleta, and 3 composers of Un’tane Tokef: Lewandowsky to Rosenblatt to Rosenbloom. Naftali will also lead a session with the fabulous Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute Choir on Yamim Noraim repertoire.  They wil also be the stars of the Gala Concert and the core of the choral and cantorial Shabbat services in Prague’s beautiful synagogues.  

Guest presenters include Professor Mark Kligman, Micky Katz (Professor of Jewish music at the University of California, LA) on American trends and Daniel Rudas on how it is done in Hungary. Cantor Beny Maissner of Toronto will also address the group. Plus there will be rare recordings, improvisation and a book launch.

Outstanding musicians and accompanists and choir leaders include:
https://www.jerusalemgreatsynagogue.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Raymond-Goldstein-1-300x300.jpgRaymond Goldstein
(pictured) and Yotam Segal and we look forward to wonderful cantorial music in both the services and in an intimate concert at the Jerusalem Synagogue (on the Thursday evening) and a gala concert at the Spanish Synagogue (on the Saturday night).

Enjoy the the singing of Gideon Zelermeyer from Montreal and Greg Nogradi from Budapest.  The full programme, still subject to change, is here

And being Prague, which has a weighty Jewish past, on Friday afternoon, Rabbi Michael Dushinsky will acquaint you with all the history and take you on a tour of historic Jewish Prague.  Download the registration form here

The overall programme for the convention and the special programme from Friday to Sunday for partners of Cantors attending is on this page. Further details from convention@cantors.eu

Send your Registration to Barbara who is looking forward to hearing from you, at convention@cantors.eu and you can also ask her any questions you may still have.

Best wishes - and see you in Prague.
(And please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested!)  

(Even if you can’t attend yourself, you could make a donation to the European Cantors Association to support a young cantor to attend)

Organised and presented by
European Cantors Association ECA and ICJW, Czech Affiliate

Israel Embassy, Czech Republic
HULYA/CER, A.s.b.l., www.hulya.lu 
With the encouragement of Hulya/cer
MATANEL, www.matanel.org
With the encouragement and the support of Matanel Foundation
Jewish Community in Prague & Rabbinate of the Jewish Community; The Ministry of Culture, Government of The Czech Republic; Federation of the Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic
Chabad-Lubavich Center, Prague; Jewish Museum, Prague
Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute, TACI;  International Council of Jewish Women Czech Affiliate, ICJW
Jewish Music Institut, JMI-SOAS, University of London; Franz Kafka Centre, Prague; Peregrine, Israel; Inbar s.r.o., Prague
Ulrich Hartmann, Switzerland; Evan Lazar, Prague; Yoram Abraham, Prague; D.K., Prague; Dr. Daniel Espitia, Republic of Colombia - Prague; Jacob Schimmel, London - Jerusalem
Dr. David Lifschitz, Jerusalem; Rabbi Boaz Shear-Yashuv, Adv., Jerusalem

ECA is based on orthodox tradition and convention, and so the 2018 event will as usual follow this approach.
The Convention is however open to all who are interested in the music of the synagogue and the role and art of the cantor and thus we welcome cantors from other branches of Judaism also.

ECA Convenor and Conference Organiser, Alex Klein  Programme Coordinator, Hirsh Cashdan Hospitality Barbara Rosenberg
Prague Coordinators, Alice Gruenfeld-Vesela, Rabbi Dr Michael Dushinsky

Now available on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgxbITknaA8

Reverends Moshe Korn, Charles Lowy, Pinchas Faigenblum, M H Taylor
Chair Rabbi Geoffrey Shisler

Those who grew up in the post war era will remember synagogue services which were led by a professionally trained cantorate, often accompanied by well-trained choristers. It was an era when Jewish liturgical music was dominated by the ‘Blue Book’ which encouraged a shared musical heritage where people knew the appropriate modes and chants for each occasion. In this session, just before the High Holidays, the grown-up children of the well-known cantors of that period will talk about their fathers and play some of their music.
This event took place shortly before Rosh Hashanah. The recording is now available.

ECA salutes Cantor Moshe Dubiner on his 60 years' continuous service to the cantorate in the UK.

David Koussevitsky Nusach Book Available

The Toronto Council of Hazzanim has released a compillation of nusach - a few pieces all hand written by David Koussevitsky (1912 - 1985) and given to Eli Kirshblum in 1963-1964 when he studied privately with him.

If anyone wants a copy, please send $30 USD payable to the Toronto Council of Hazzanim, c/o Cantor Kirshblum, 37 Southbourne Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M3H 1A4, Canada.

Exploring the Power of Bible Cantillation in the Vernacular

An exciting experimental avenue. More here.

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Additional Resources:

<<<-- Cantor A M Himelstein Sheet Music Compilation Now Available

DVDs now available to buy from the 6th Cantors Convention in 2011

Links to other cantorial-related sites

Shuls With A Cantor In The United Kingdom (please advise of any changes)

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ECA was officially launched on 2 July 2012 at the 7th Annual European Cantors' Convention Manchester UK 2 - 5 July 2012,
by Cantor Joseph Malovany of the 5th Avenue Synagogue New York.

Cantor Malovany is also Professor of Liturgical Music at Yeshiva University and co-Director of the Moscow Academy for Liturgical Music.

ECA is based on orthodox tradition and convention
but is open to all who are interested in the music of the synagogue and the role and art of the cantor.

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Last Updated 3rd November 2018